New Armor, Weapons, and Accessories Preview!

Photobucket I was browsing through the Wiki archives when I happened to come across these delightful little images of K-TERA’s newest accessory, armor, and weapon pictures.
First, let us take a look at the Accessories!

Let us take a look at the weapons next, shall we?

Lances and Shields
Archer Bows
Sorcerer Discs
Priest Staves
Mystic Scepters
Berserker Axes
Slayer Greatswords

And below are the armors. I liked the High Elf Female Cloth and Elin Armors best. (^_^)

Baraka Heavy Armor
Bakara Light Armor
Bakara Cloth Armor
Human Male Heavy Armor
Human Male Light Armor
Human Male Heavy Armor
Human Female Heavy Armor
Human Female Light Armor
Human Female Cloth Armor
Castanic Male Heavy Armor
Castanic Male Light Armor
Castanic Male Cloth Armor
Castanic Female Heavy Armor
Castanic Female Light Armor
Castanic Female Cloth Armor
High Elf Male Heavy Armor
High Elf Male Light Armor
High Elf Male Cloth
High Elf Female Heavy Armor

High Elf Female Leather Armor
High Elf Female Cloth Armor

Elin Heavy Armor
Elin Light Armor
Elin Cloth Armor
Popori Heavy Armor
Popori Light Armor
Popori Cloth Armor
Aman Male Heavy Armor
Aman Male Light Armor
Aman Male Cloth Armor
Aman Female Heavy Armor
Aman Female Light Armor

What did you all think? Did you like them? Which did you like best? Is this going to change your class or race selection? I hope you liked this edition of periodic previews.
I hope you all Follow me~ (^_^)//

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